Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Catering Tips

Indianapolis Catering 317-842-5879

Indianapolis Catering 317-842-5879

One of the most environmentally-friendly initiatives that has become a positive trend over the past decade is to “Go Green.” Gong green simply means to make changes to your everyday lifestyle habits and practices in a way that promotes healthier living and the conservation of our natural resources. This is usually referred to as “living a greener lifestyle.”

When you choose to “go green”, it implies the decision and commitment to using and practicing anything that supports the eco-system and our personal health. A wonderful advantage to going green is that it can be applied to almost everything that you do. Take catering, for instance; you can cater an event with a green theme with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Eco-Friendly Green Catering Tips:

Avoid Disposal Cutlery and Napkins

Catering companies have long been against using plastic disposal forks, knives, and spoons for many reasons, with the environment being one of them. If you are looking to make your catered event “greener”, simply forgo the plastic disposal cutlery, and opt for some metal or wood utensils instead. The same principle applies to serving napkins. Paper napkins and paper towels can be replaced with cloth napkins.

Avoid Chemical Cleaning Products

The use of chemical-free cleaning products is a great method to achieving a “greener” status for your catered event. Standard cleaners, like glass and multi-surface cleaner, contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment, as well as our health. Inhalation of these chemicals can cause respiratory complications and illness in both people and animals, especially young children, elderly, and those with suppressed immune systems or preexisting respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, these chemicals can also harm plants, grass, wildlife, and trees, and even pollute water. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners at your catered event, and instead, opt for chemical-free products, like Lysol® Daily Cleanser, which is free from ammonia, fragrances, dyes and harsh chemical residue.

Avoid Electric Grills and Stoves

Although the use of electricity is not harmful to your health, nor the environment (arguably), avoiding the use of electric ovens, stoves, and grills significantly reduces the amount of energy consumption required to cater your event. Increased energy efficiency is great for the budget, plus it is an eco-conservative practice that only renders benefits. Using open fires and wood burning ovens as an alternative is a great way to reduce the amount of electricity consumed while cooking.

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