The 4 Benefits of Using Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering 317-842-5879

Corporate Catering 317-842-5879

Here at Jug’s Catering, we are consumed with discovering new reasons why corporate catering is the way to go for business lunches, meetings, and more! There are so many benefits of using our corporate catering services, all of which make catering your crews as easy as pie! Continue reading to learn the top 4 reasons why you should choose corporate catering services and how to get started!

Ⅰ. Cost Savings

If you choose to cater a corporate event, lunch, or meeting on your own dime, you can expect to waste a lot of money. You have to include ALL costs, aside from food. For instance, cutlery, plate ware, table linens, condiments, napkins, Bunsen burners, matches, food trays, serving trays, tables, garbage cans, and much more. These items add up quicker than you think! Even if you are buying in bulk at a wholesale clubs. With corporate catering, you can simply have these necessary extras included in your catering package. Although it is an extra cost, it is more cost effective than purchasing the items all on your own. And don’t forget about the convenience of it all! Which brings us to our next big benefit.

Ⅱ. Convenience

Not only does corporate catering benefit you in terms of cost savings, it provides a level of unparalleled convenience. As mentioned above, you would need to gather up, purchase, and display everything yourself. With corporate catering services, these tasks are taking care of for you and everyone else! You don’t have lift a finger when you hire caterers for your corporate events. This gives you time to focus on the purpose of the luncheon and enjoy the food!

Ⅲ. Time

You save loads of time when you choose corporate catering services! Forgot something last minute? So you jump in your car and race around town finding that gluten-free or vegan item you need for a small group of employees! Or perhaps you need to pick up food at 4 or 5 different locations. Then you are driving all over town, from spot to spot, taking up hours out of your day! Hours that can be better spent on something more meaningful and productive! Corporate catering brings everything you need right to you, so there is no last minute racing or spending all afternoon shopping for the right food stuffs.

Ⅳ. Anxiety

When planning a corporate event that includes feeding people, the stress can come on quickly. There are so many aspects of preparing a meal, or meals, for a large group of people, including dietary differences, time frames, supplies, and more. The anxiety can be quite overwhelming, which takes all the fun out of the corporate event being planned. Life comes with plenty of stresses and obstacles, so it is overwhelming to add the stress of planning a corporate luncheon or event on top. But corporate catering services relieves that stress and anxiety by handling everything for you!

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