Top Reasons to Hire Professional Caterers for Special Occasions

Indianapolis Catering 317-842-5879

Indianapolis Catering 317-842-5879

Whether it is a business meeting, open house, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or another similar ceremony or occasion, food is generally expected by guests and clientele. This expectation leaves a party planner with three options; either they can prepare the food themselves, suggest a “pot luck” approach that requests guests to bring a dish of their own to contribute, or to outsource professional catering services. The first two options are not bad ideas, per say; however, they are not typically considered a sophisticated and tasteful dining selection for special occasions. Those options are great for backyard barbecues and family picnics; not for weddings, corporate meetings, and other elegant gatherings, congregations, and assemblies.

Continue reading to learn the top reasons why a person should hire professional caterers for any upcoming special occasion or ceremony.

Catering Saves Time and Reduces Stress

Every detail of the preparation, presentation, menu, serving, and more are all thought out and taken care of by the professional catering company. Not having to waste time considering all of these details can truly reduce the stress and pressure a person can feel when planning a large event. Professional caters are extensively experienced in controlling the entire food process; from menu options to serving staffs.

Not only do they care for all the food planning and preparation, caters bring their own supplies, equipment, and often times, linens. This means napkins, utensils, plate ware, glasses, table cloths, condiments, serving dishes, and more are all provided by the catering service. Not only does this save loads of time and energy, it can save money as well. Purchasing all these items for one event can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. By outsourcing a catering company, they bring their own supplies and you do not waste money on items you will only need for one day or night.

They Offer Professional Wait Staffs

Not only does having a professional serving staff scream elegance, it cares for many aspects of the catering job. For example, all catering servers are highly trained waiters and waitresses that have extensive experience in banquet-style serving. They come in full uniform, cleaned and pressed. They are there to cater to every guest’s needs; from refilling drinks to serving course after course, clearing, re-stocking salad bars and serving dishes, and much more. Also, they are there to ensure there is enough food for everyone, and that everyone gets a hot plate no matter what happens.

These staffs also handle cleanups. They remain after the gathering and cleanup dishes, pre-bus tables, remove dirty linens, replace chairs and tables to their original locations, break down serving stations, vacuum, dust, spot clean, and again, much more. Not having to wash dishes and cleanup after a party is a reason in itself to hire professional caterers for special occasions. We can make that reason number three!

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Indianapolis Catering 317-842-5879

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